Miss Lily’s

Miss Lilly's - Exterior

Miss Lily’s
132 W Houston Street
New York, NY 10012
Tel: (212) 812-1482


Miss Lilly's - front sign


Looking for Jamaican cuisine in NYC well come to Miss Lily’s located on the southern edge of Greenwich village bordering SoHo. Miss Lily’s is a Jamaican restaurant that serves authentic West Indian dishes in NYC.


Miss Lilly's - Menu


In here it’s all about the vibe and atmosphere. A cool eccentric theme, an old DJ booth with classic reggae vinyl records posted around it. Miss Lily’s is known for having cool vintage art works posted in the brunch seating area. Take for example the great iconic model Grace Jones portraits currently being displayed all over the interior walls for 2016. Reggae music plays throughout the day with a collection favoring Bob Marley classics and the 90’s dance hall reggae. Older West Indians will be taken back to a time where you secured a BBQ shack on the beach grilling jerk chicken and playing your favorite reggae hits. Good vibes, great music and amazing food. I know a flight to Jamaica don’t sound bad at all but since we’re in NYC and on such short notice Miss Lily’s is more than makes up as a fall back option.


Miss Lilly's - Interior walls


As I pulled up to the bright yellow restaurant that displays a Jamaican flag and Bob Marley art work on the restaurant’s exterior, you immediately get the vibe of Jamaica. The restaurant offers the option to dine in or take out which you can order take out from a dedicated take out entrance. Browsing the menu my eyes were drawn like a magnet to the oxtail with a side of rice and peas. I also decided to go with a beef patty on the side. To drink, I opted for an organic blended strawberry lemonade and a lemon soda beverage called “Ting”.


Miss Lilly's - Oxtail


While waiting for the food to be prepared I looked down at the counter tops and notice a Jamaican board game called “Ludi” a game similar to monopoly played with 4pieces (counters) per player and a set of dice. The object of the game is to get your counters all the way around the board and to home base by rolling the dice and moving the spaces based on the outcome of the dice roll. you must roll a six (6) before you counter can enter the board and if another player lands on a box your counter occupy on their turn, that player counter will take over your space sending you back to the starting point where you will have to roll another six(6) just for the counter to reenter the game. The playing area is painted on all of the wooden tables, so everyone can enjoy a game of “Ludi” not related to the Roman games by the same name. Have fun playing this Jamaican board game while you wait to eat.


Miss Lilly's - LudiBoard Table


The food arrived and I must admit I ended up devouring the food one bite at a time until there was nothing but the bones left. It must of slipped my mind that I had also ordered a beef patty, but before I could forget the beef patty came out. This thing must have just exited the oven. Seriously, it was baked to perfection. The juicy shredded beef dripping with gravy inside the flaky crust of the patty. Can you say delicious?!


Miss Lilly's - Homemade hot sauces


Everything was so tasty down to the homemade lemonade. Before leaving Miss lily’s I purchase a bottle of their homemade hot sauce (warning this stuff will put hair on your chest) and a bottle Melvin’s juice box body cleanse.


Miss Lilly's - Fresh squeezed juices