About US

Founders Story

Modern Monarch Chauffeurs LLC, founded in 2011 with a sole town car. During the global economic downturn; like many others the founder found himself displaced from a full-time position in a global corporate entity. A childhood friend employed as a concierge at a top New York Hotel expresses the need for reliable transportation for the discerning clientele he represented on a daily basis. While there were many large transportation companies that were doing business with the hotel daily, he expresses his preference in certain situations would be a more boutique personalized type of service. Stating with a more personalized experience a specific quality of service can be assured. He explained the standard requirements of servicing the hotel and the appropriate research was done on obtaining insurance, licenses and permits. The founder then tapped into his savings to purchase a vehicle. Soon after he was getting calls from his concierge friend and fulfilling transfers from the hotel. During a scheduled airport transfer the gentleman that was being transported was making small talk then became unusually quiet. Feeling he may have put of the gentleman in some way the founder was looking for an opportunity to remedy the situation which did not seem to present itself for the remainder of the trip.

Easing up to the entrance of the FBO (fixed base operator) terminal. The gentleman asked “What is the name of your company Sir?” the founder reply “I’m a sole proprietor, Mr ___.” the gentlemen replied “Well, you’re on to something here, you should consider developing a system, be sure to incorporate, Figure out how to grow without diluting your quality of service. This is what’s known as executive transportation and the service was Royal.”


There is an art to chauffeured transportation. You deserve above the bar service and attention and we implement the steps to fulfill your needs.

Our chauffeurs and staff are scouted from industry segments where service and attention to details are essential. Chauffeurs undergo hospitality training similar to five star hotels. Along with safety and defensive driving training. technical understanding of the equipments and technologies in use. All staff undergo extensive federal and state background checks. Zero tolerance drug and alcohol policies and continuous training.


You deserve a reliable and safe ride. Our Equipment is regularly maintained to ensure optimal performance during time in service. Our vehicle lifespan, usually runs three (3) to no more than four (4) years. All vehicles are regularly maintained and serviced as per manufacture’s recommendations. Manufacture’s and 3rd party applications are routinely scanned for and recalls of vehicle models we currently have in service. Daily checks and vehicle preparation to ensure a clean, safe and reliable transfer. In vehicle amenities include complimentary beverages, i. e. bottled water, juices or sodas. Snacks i.e. kind bar cookies or candy. Facial tissue, reading articles such as magazines and newspapers and complimentary WiFi.


Staying connected is a must in todays world and we strongly believe in a connected world. Complimentary WiFi is available to send that important email, Video chat with the loved ones are download photos of sparky our four legged friend’s new hair cut. Technical research is done year round to ensure the continuous efforts to streamline your experience. Our Programmers constantly work to maintain the security of your information. update and upgrade back end and front end technologies to optimize, enhance and speed up processes like online reservations, account management and speedy email receipts.